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California Real Estate Law Course

Course Description

This is the third of three mandatory courses the CalDRE requires all potential licensees to take.

Real Estate Law – Legal concepts are simplified, and relevant Internet sites are included. This textbook is not only excellent for real estate beginners, but also an essential review and reference book for buyers, sellers, and their agents. Topics covered include: Introduction to Law and the Judicial System, Land Description, Interests in Real Property, Ownership of Real Property, Agency Law, Contract Law, Ownership and Title, Escrow, Financing, Land Use, Civil Rights and Fair Housing Laws, and Landlord/Tenant Law.

    Review Classes

  • Review Class – 4/17/2020 (Fri. 6:30pm – 10:00pm)
  • Final exam – 4/18/2020 (Sat. 12:30pm – 3:00pm)

Method of Course and Presentation

Correspondence/Independent Study

Course Hours:


Current Optional Review Series

See “Review Schedule”

Course Fees

Option 1:
2019 Special! All 3 classes for just $195 including books and materials.

Option 2:
Real Estate Principles Course- $149
Real Estate Practice Course- $99
Real Estate Law Course- $99

*Minimum 2.5 week completion after registration. Materials picked up and final exam taken at 11011 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hill, CA, 91344

Textbook, Workbook, or Outline Information

  • Title: California Real Estate Law
  • Author(s): Walter Huber &  Kim Tyler
  • Copyright Date: 2019
  • Pages: 608
  • Edition (if applicable): 9th edition

Final Examination Criteria

Number of Questions: 100

Type of Questions:

Multiple Choice


2.5 hours

How many different final exams are offered for this course (one or two)?

One Final Exam

Minimum Passing Percentage:


Refund/Cancellation Policy

In the event a student wishes to cancel their enrollment agreement and receive a refund, the student must notify the school in writing and in person during normal business hours. In the order for a refund to be honored, this notification must occur NO LESS THAN 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE SCHEDULED FINAL EXAM FOR COURSES. Additionally, the student must return all course material in an undamaged and unsoiled condition.

Additional School Policy and Procedures -All optional courses and passing the final exam must be completed within 6 months of registration of each course.

CalDRE Disclaimer Statement

This course is approved for pre-license education credit by the Bureau of Real Estate or CalBRE. However, this approval does not constitute an endorsement of the views or opinions which are expressed by the course sponsor, instructors, authors, or lecturers.

Correspondence Course Identification Statement

Participants shall present one of the following forms of identification immediately before the administration of the final examination:

  1. A current California driver’s license.
  2. A current identification card described in Section 13000 of the California Vehicle Code
  3. Any identification of the participant issued by a governmental agency or a recognized real estate related trade organization within the immediately preceding five years which bears a photograph, signature and identification number of the participant.

Online Evaluation Statement 

A course and instructor evaluation is available on the Department of Real Estate (CalDRE) website at  Access this form by typing in “RE 318A” in the search box located in the upper right corner of the home page.